Dark Passenger - Local Co-Op / VR & Non-VR

With a team comprised of Fabian (Art), David (Gameplay) and Saeed (Sound), the verticle slice 'Dark Passenger' was developed as part of a university research project.

Playing as either a human Non-VR player (Ning) or as the VR player ghost (Samir), which is 7 times larger than humans scale, you will find yourself in the undergroud facility Epsilon. There the two of you have been irrevokably linked, and now you try to escape the clutches of mad scientists and military.

Creating shapes

The superformular

Here we combined two of our favorite things, shaders and the superformular.

Originally discovered by Johan Gielis as a generalization of a superellipse, the superforumlar allows you to create interesting regular or irregular organic looking shapes.

3D scans through Photogrammetry

In collaboration with Fabian, Maik and Gunther, the project was developed as part of an art project for VRHAM, a virtual reality art festival in Hamburg.

You will be teleported right into the center of Gängeviertel. A district of the city of Hamburg, Germany occupied by artists. With the help of photogrammetry, we scanned parts of this inspiring graffiti covered environment. Explore the magic of this place by reapplying color with your spray can and discovering hidden symbols with your flashlight. Each symbol brings you to a new part of the district, when you activate it.

You can play it for free on the oculus store.

Animated Textures and Meshes

Processing + Unreal Engine

In the first step, we created an animation via Processing, using flowfield simulation, on the basis of a source picture.

The animation was then exported as video and used to animate texture in Unreal Engine. These textures were then combinded with skeletal mesh animations, particle effects and post processing shaders, to create the final animation clip.

Most animations have a custom composed soundtrack to go with it. You can see the final clip on our instragram account or checkout the playlist on soundcloud.

Create sound through motion capture

A prototype, build while attending a game jam hosted by innogames. While wearing a motion tracking suite by Rokoko, the performer is able to manipulate midi sound in real time, via Unreal Engine.

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